Tempeh Walnut Roast

Holy toledo – friends, family, countrymen – you have GOT to make this superstar of a recipe this week. THE centrepiece of your Xmas table – I guarantee! Step aside meat-roast, ham hock, lamb rump – this stellar roast is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD

Lemon Apricot Slice

This is my version of the classic slice you can get from most bakeries in NZ. I’ve used organic dried apricots to add sweetness — look for the dark brown ones that haven’t had sulphur added. Apricots are a great addition to your iron intake, and guess what enhances iron absorption? Vitamin C! Thank goodness for the lemon.

Glorious Greek Moussaka

Want to try one of the recipes from inside my book free? Make this! If you need something to please even the most sceptical of plant-eaters in your life, may I present my Glorious Greek Moussaka. It’s the perfect combo of layers – tender eggplant, sweet tomato, hearty beans, creamy potato, and the best dam béchamel you’ll taste in your life.

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Welcome to Be Good Organics, my plant-based recipe blog. I started BGO way back in January 2013, after recovering from Graves’ disease with the help of a plant-based diet. I wanted to share the recipes and nutrition I was learning with others, so spent four years studying towards a Bachelor of Nutrition and Natural Medicine, and thus BGO was born.

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These easy 10 minute cookies are exactly what your afternoon cuppa has been waiting for. Flavour-packed, buttery, studded with chunks of dark chocolate, beautifully earthy from the walnuts, very low in sugar, and just subtly sweet. Book yourself a bake-date and make these!

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