Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake

If you have recently joined us, you may be wondering what all this plant-powered peeps...
Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe by Rachael Campbell
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If you have recently joined us, you may be wondering what all this plant-powered peeps business is about. So I thought where better to start than with a few sneaky definitions:

plant (noun)
~ a living organism of the kind exemplified by trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, ferns, and mosses

powered (verb)
~supplied with energy
~to move or travel with great speed or force

peep (noun)
~short for person or people

In other words, a person who’s supplied with energy by non-animal living organisms, and moves with great speed, force and incredible passion!

Plant-Powered Peeps is an interview series I started a year ago, to bring you a plethora of diverse inspirational individuals who are out there doing great things for the health of our communities, animals and planet. Some of them are avid plant-loving foodies and chefs, others are animal and wildlife advocates, while others still are green fingered eco-warriors. They all however move with an incredibly uplifting force and passion in everything they do.

I feel so grateful for all the amazing people who have cropped up in my life over the past few years on my own plant-based organic journey, so thought you’d love meeting them too. I hope you enjoy these interviews, and as always I’m open ears for your feedback – hit reply to any of these emails and I promise you’ll get a personal reply every time 🙂

Onto this week’s Plant-Powered ‘Peepess’ as the case may be – Rachael Campbell, a high vibrational, super positive, bubbly and bright intuitive life coach. She chats to us about her love of raw plant-based food, why you should get some too, and of course shares with us a deliciously simple Raw Lemon & Raspberry Cheesecake.

Rachael is passionate about helping people find their inner voice, so they can create a life full of success, love and happiness. She believes empowerment is not an elusive force, gifted to some, but is found through inner-healing and self-awareness! Rachael is also a graduate of the Matthew Kenney Academy, a certified Raw Food Chef, she has a plant based website sharing her love of food and is the author of ‘Revolutionary Raw Recipes’.

Without further adieu, meet Rachael…

Why did you decide to turn to a more plant-based organic lifestyle?

Conscious intuitive eating and raw food has been a big part of my life for the past 9 years. Throughout my childhood and teenage years I felt a very heavy energy around my body, and the day I started eating raw and plant based foods the energy started to lift. My body spoke loud and clear that this food fed my soul and energised my spirit.

When I eat and look at a beautifully prepared raw dish, I can feel the force of energy it gives my body, and it’s incredible. I feel light, alive, a sense of clarity and completely satisfied. Still to this day 9 years on, I feel the same effects.

I was very fortunate in 2012 to travel to the USA and attend the Matthew Kenney Academy. This experience opened my eyes to another world of plant based cuisine. I feel the world is starting to become more consciously aware of the importance of the food that we feed our bodies, which is very exciting.

How has your health (physical and emotional) changed since then?

I have become more consciously aware of myself, my body, my actions, life and the people around me. I have more energy, clarity and my digestive system works the best it ever has. Because of this, I am very thankful for this way of life. I feel truly blessed.

Salad by Rachael Campbell

If you had to give someone 3 reasons why they should switch to more plant-based organic products, what would they be?

  1. Raw Plant Based Diet – Raw foods are pristine sources of nutrients, readily available for absorption by the body. When you drink a fresh juice blend of carrot, beetroot and apple, or a smoothie with homemade almond milkcacaospirulina and banana, you are giving your body a concentrated dose of vitamins and nutrients that can be digested easily and assimilated quickly into the bloodstream. This mega dose of natural, plant-based nutrition is loaded with all of the essential compounds that our bodies need for energy and proper functioning, like protein, carbohydrate, fibre, and heart-healthy fat.
  2. Organic Food – By increasing or adding organic produce into your daily eating plan, it can only enhance your health. We consume so many toxins on a daily basis through emotional stress and environmental toxins as it is, so the more we can reduce the amount of toxins being digested, the better. Organic produce is known to have higher levels of nutrients and vitamins than conventional fruit and vegetables, so it only makes sense to have more of these where possible.
  3. Beauty Products – Our skin is no different to the inside of our body. I feel the less toxins we put on the outside of our body, the better it is for our overall health and longevity.

What does a day on your plate look like:

  • Warm water with lemon
  • Superfood smoothie
  • 2 litres of water
  • Green Juice
  • Fresh home made vegetable nori roll
  • Salad with the colours of the rainbow, nuts, seeds and roast spiced pumpkin
  • Raw chocolate

Now, your favourite foodie indulgence…

Raw Chocolate Mousse is my favourite at the moment – rich, creamy and silky smooth. I garnish it with desiccated coconut, chopped activated almonds and fresh strawberries. I eat it for breakfast all the time!

What do you think the biggest fear or misconception is about going more organic or plant-based?

Organic Diet – The most common thing I hear is that it’s too expensive. I often shop at the Queen Victorian Market in Melbourne, Australia, and at times their organic produce can be as cheap as conventional produce from your local grocer. Sometimes they are more expensive as well, so I always suggest that like anything else you buy, you need to shop around and know your prices. You would be surprised when doing so.

Raw or Plant Based Diet – The most common question is “how do I get my protein on a raw and plant-based diet?” Raw fruits, vegetables, nutsseeds and sprouted legumes offer such an incredible variety of ways to obtain protein from plant-based foods. Did you know that leafy greens and sprouts have up to about 50% of their calories from protein? Nuts and seeds like sesame, chia and flax are incredibly rich in protein, and super foods like hemp and quinoa have been called the “perfect protein”, because they contain all eight essential amino acids. Even vegetables like parsley, artichokes and cucumbers contain protein. Spirulina, a miracle ingredient, is made up of about 60−63% protein.

Rachael Campbell bliss balls

What’s your approach to balance & moderation in life (and food)?

Love yourself and your body. A well-balanced life of work, family, friendships, love, exercise, social and alone time, whilst consuming food that intuitively feels right to you.

You’ve been given permission to raid the Be Good Organics stock room – what’s one foodie product and one beauty product you’d nab.

Beauty Product: Annmarie Gianni’s Purifying Mud MaskI love a relaxing night at home with oils and candles, music on, a facial mask applied and a warm bath running. No better way to wind down from my day, so a purifying mask would be just perfect.

Foodie Product: AFA Blue Green AlgaeOne of my favourite meals of the day is a superfood smoothie, so adding this incredibly nutritious product to my eating plan would make me very happy.    

Would you like to create and share a plant-powered recipe with us?

Yes! The flavours of this cheesecake take me back to my childhood and remind me of my grandma’s lemon delicious pudding. A little tip: If you are making this delicious cheesecake and there are some left overs (which I highly doubt), cut the cake into slices and place in the freezer. That way, you’ll have some treats to enjoy during the week.

Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe by Rachael Campbell
Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe by Rachael Campbell

Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake

Makes 1 cheesecake 9”/23cm spring form cake tin
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Servings 10 slices



  • 3 c almonds
  • 1 c medjoul dates
  • 1/2 c desiccated coconut
  • Pinch sea salt
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil liquid form

Lemon Raspberry Filling

  • 3 1/2 c cashews
  • 1 c lemon juice
  • 2/3 c coconut nectar
  • 1/2 c coconut oil liquid form
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • zest of 2 lemons
  • 1 punnet raspberries fresh or frozen
  • pinch sea salt


  • First, make the base. Process nuts and salt in food processor until finely chopped. Add dates, coconut oil and shredded coconut. Blend well.
  • Scrape ingredients from bowl and press the mixture firmly into a lined cake tin and place in the freezer. Save a little of the base mixture and set aside for garnishing the cake.
  • Now for the filling, place all ingredients in food processor (I use a Thermomix) and blend until smooth and creamy.
  • Pour filling onto crust and place in freezer for 2 hours, or until middle of cheesecake is firm to the touch.
  • Once frozen and ready to serve allow cake to thaw on bench for 30 minutes and cut into 8-10 slices before serving.

Recipe Notes

  • Optional: Fold raspberries through mixture, then pour over base. The colour of the raspberries will make a beautiful swirl through the mixture.
  • Make it nut-free: use sunflower seeds in the place of the almonds, and watermelon seeds in the filling.
Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe by Rachael Campbell