Reusable Glass Straws

Glass Dharma

  • Do you know how many disposable straws we humans thrown away each day? Too many! These reusable beauties from Glass Dharma are made with super strong dishwasher- and microwave-safe non-toxic glass known as borosilicate, making them much more sustainable and safer than their disposable plastic cousins. Good for your health, and good for the environment. They also look pretty stylish in your glass or jar too.

    Use them at home to drink your favourite smoothie or juice, or take up to your local cafe like we do!

    Our straws come in two styles - a slightly wider "Straight" option perfect for thick smoothies, or narrower "Barely Bent" style great for both smoothies and juices. We highly recommend getting one of our purpose-designed cleaning brushes or one of our straw plus brush sets, in order to keep your straw in pristine condition.
  • Use them at home to drink your favourite smoothie or juice, or take up to your local cafe like we do! They are safe to be used to drink any hot or cold liquids.

    After use, wash with our purpose-designed cleaning brushes.
  • ReusableRecyclable
  • Borosilicate glass. Non-toxic and dishwasher/microwave safe.

    The Barely Bent Regular is 9.5mm in diameter
    The Standard Smoothie is 12mm in diameter
    Both are 20cm (8 inches) long
  • Coming soon
  • Mango Sunshine Shake
    Apple Pie Smoothie
  • Glass DharmaFounded in 2007, Glass Dharma is a family-owned and operated California-based green company with a commitment to health and the environment. They're passionate about reducing the environmental costs of plastics by offering fun, safe, and reusable glass drinking straws to people of all ages - making it easy to go green! Their straws are all hand-made in their workshop in California and they take pride and care to offer the best products and services available.

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