Your Essential Guide to Christmas Gifting

This year, I’ve put together a wee Essential Guide to Christmas Gifting for you with ten things I know I’d love to receive this Christmas. So, whether you’re a home DIYer, on a budget, or are feeling like going all out this year, there are plenty of ideas in here for the healthy wholefood-lovers in your life.
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Have you finished your Xmas shopping yet? Or perhaps you’re more of a home crafted type gifter? Either way, I’ve put together my very own Essential Guide to Christmas, with ten things I know I’d love to receive this Xmas. So whether you’re a home DIYer, on a budget, or feel like going all out, there are plenty of ideas in here for the natural health lovers in your life.

From delicious homemade spiced chocolate truffles and gingerbread, to my favourite Scandi-style oil diffuser, reusable cup, and organic perfume – I hope you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in the page below (and know you’re supporting our planet while you do it).

Last year our family decided to do a secret Santa style Xmas. Everyone got a name, then had to buy just one, thoughtful gift for that person. It was great! We still got to enjoy the anticipation, excitement, and feel-good factor of giving – together as a family. But without the rather stressful exercise of pacing the stores, not knowing whether your pressies are going to end up in the re-gifting cupboard or not.

If you sometimes find Xmas a little stressful, give this technique a go! I know I’d be loving on my Secret Santa if I got any one of these treats below.

Let’s get on that sleigh, and to the goods…

Spiced Chocolate Truffles

These soft, oh so tender truffles, make great gifts and are super easy to whip up. Simply throw a blend of christmassy spices, array of delish dried fruits, and combo of almonds and brazil nuts into your food processor, and voila – healthy, easy Xmas gifts sorted. Plus, you can make these well in advance (before the Xmas rush), and store them in the freezer until the big day. Make a double batch even, and keep half the treats for yourself! 

Make my Spiced Chocolate Truffles here.

doTERRA Home Essentials Kit

 Home Essentials Kit

Give the gift of true health this Christmas with my favourite set of essential oils, dōTERRA’s Home Essentials Kit. This kit is perfect for any home, whether your loved one (or you) is a newbie to oils, or has been an oil-lover for a while. The cute-as-pie Petal diffuser has a soft ambient light and multiple time settings, making it perfect for bed time (oil diffusing goodness before sleep), or in your room during the day.

The kit comes with the top 10 most versatile oils, and can be used individually or combined for so many health benefits. Lavender for calming and sleep, Peppermint and Lemon to give you a boost, On Guard for fighting colds and flus, and tonnes more. 

Order from our store here, or better yet, get 25% off by setting up your own wholesale account here. Any q’s about how to set it up, send us an email to [email protected] and one of my girls will help you out!

Little Bird’s Goodies

Here’s another set of stocking stuffer ideas, perfect for both the sweet and savouries in your life. If your giftee is more of sweet tooth, get them a bag of these Raw Macaroons – one of my all-time favourite treats. I’m rather particular to the coffeecacao and raspberry, and strawberry and white cacao versions, but they’re really all too good.

If you’re loved one though is more a cheese platter fiend, try these brand new vegetable infused Crispy Flat crackers from Little Bird. Totally different from any crackers I’ve tried before, and they’ll never know they’re made from veges. Otherwise, try these classic Raw Nut and Seed Crackers instead – either way, they’re the perfect vessels for dipping and sharing your favourite dairy free snacks.

Gift some macaroons or raw crackers here.

doTERRA Lumo diffuser

Lumo Diffuser

This gorgeous Lumo is my absolute favourite diffuser, I’m working my way into having one in every room of the house. It transforms any space into an essential oil wonderful, and goes with any home décor. 

I love waking up in the morning and turning on my Lumo Diffuser with an energising blend to help me get the day’s work done. Then in the evening I like to wind down with a couple of drops of Frankincense and Lavender – it’s the best way to start and end the day. Not to mention the plethora of gorgeous blends you can diffuse during your work or play days too!

Grab this gorgeous diffuser from our store here. Or better still, get 25% off by setting up your own wholesale account here. Any q’s about how to set yourself up, email us at [email protected] and one of my girls will help you out!

The most delicious MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE - easy, 5 minutes, make ahead in a batch, dairy free, low sugar, refined sugar free, vegan, gluten free, healthy, spicy, circulatory and metabolic stimulant 2 wp

Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix

For a super quick but heartfelt christmas pressie, this warming spiced homemade hot chocolate mix is a winner. Simply mix up raw cacao powder and coconut sugar with just the right amount of spices, add some flakes of decadent dark chocolate, and put it in a cute recycled jar with a ribbon tied around. Again, you could even make a double mix so you can hang onto a jar for yourself.

Try the recipe for my magic Mexican Hot Chocolate here.

flint chocolate Be Good Organics

Flint Chocolate

Ok seriously,  take a look at these chocolates. I’m not sure whether to eat them or stack them on my chest of drawers, they’re that gorgeous.

Flint is a beautiful smooth stone-ground organic chocolate, hand made in small batches. Ethically traded, dairy-free, and minimally processed, it’s sweetened with just a dash of organic unrefined coconut sugar. A choccie bar without the additives of regular commercially-made chocolate. SO GOOD.

Flint have four incredible flavours to choose from: Bitter Mint, Coconut, Almond Butter, and Hazelnut & Orange. My favs are the mint and hazelnut, or grab a bundle deal of three and you’ll have enough for everyone’s stocking (or one left over for yourself!).

Treat your loved ones to Flint here.

Keep Cup reusable coffee cup

Keep Cup

The perfect gift for eco-warriors and latte lovers alike – a reusable coffee cup that keeps your drinks warm on the go, and saves those billions of takeaway cups going to landfill. If you’ve got a café-frequenter in your life, do them (and our planet) the favour of gifting them one of these sweet stylish cups. Some cafes even give discounts for using them too!

The small size is great for flat whites and long blacks, while the medium is perfect for a matcha/turmeric/chai/soy latte type.

I’ve got the Filter in medium (the one with the cream lid here), but the Press and Espresso with their dark charcoal and black lids are super sleek too. Or go for a dash of colour with their rainbow range here.

Grab a Keep Cup for a loved one here – and one for yourself too!

Mood Management Kit

Another of my fav essential oil goodies is the Mood Management Kit. It contains four gorgeous oils that can be used throughout the day, for boosting your energy and mood, and helping you destress and unwind.

I absolutely adore the Balance blend, it’s grounding aroma is ideal for those who suffer from stress and anxiety. The Citrus Bliss blend is perfect for an invigorating diffuse in the morning; Elevation makes a delightful perfume that keeps you upbeat all day long; and the Lavender Peace is my all time favourite for diffusing at bed time.

You can buy each of these oils individually, but I love them as a set (and they’re cheaper that way too!).

Order this kit from our store here. Or get 25% off by setting yourself up a wholesale account here. Any q’s, just send us an email to info@begoodorganics and one of my gals will help you out.

Healthy vegan gingerbread men did you say? These are for you (or your homemade gifts)! Think buttery crumbly shortbread, spiced with Mr Claus’s favourites, made extra spesh thanks to a few secret additions. Vegan, dairy free, low sugar + no refined sugar.

Healthy Gingerbread Men

Another homemade goodie, and classic Christmas gift – gingerbread men! These fellows have a healthy twist, so they’ll work perfectly for the gluten-free or refined-sugar-free peeps in your life. Great for kiddies too, and you’ll know you’re not filling them high with sugar. If you’ve got a little DIY streak in you, these are the ticket. Or if you just want to show someone this Xmas you really care.

Whip up a batch of Gingerbread Men gifts here.

Annmarie Love Parfum - all natural

Annmarie’s Natural Perfume

Last but not least – my favourite range of natural essential oil perfumes from Annmarie Skin Care. If you adore all things natural and organic, you’ll fall head over heels for these perfumes. They smell divine, and are made with only natural, organic, wild-crafted ingredients. Most perfumes can contain any one of a thousand odd chemicals, many of which have been associated with hormone disruption. So if you know your loved one is a perfume fan, try her out with a natural safe alternative!

My personal favourite as a scent is LOVE – think classic rose, sweet jasmine, with hints of frankincense and sandalwood. I also adore diffusing CALM in the evening, which combines rosewood and lavender with spruce and frankincense. VIBRANCE keeps you energised, PASSION is dark moody and luscious, while GROUNDED is just that. If you have a natural beauty connoisseur in your life, they’re guaranteed to love the rest of Annmarie’s gorgeous organic range too.

Treat your loved ones to an essential oil perfume here.

And that’s my top 10 for Xmas! I hope you find exactly what you need from the list above. And if you get one, I’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, my family and I have whisked away overseas this year for Xmas – to Costa Rica! It’s the first Xmas in years we’ve been away from NZ (the weather is so gorgeous at this time at home). But we figured, why not try something different this year? Life is too short not to!

I’ll be sharing some pics and stories over on Insta or Facebook and Facebook, so if you want to join us on our escapades, head over there.

It’s been a super busy year this year, for you I’m sure also. So I cannot wait to spend the next few weeks with my precious family, being present with Mila and Torin (and Tone…), an enjoying all the crazy things that travel can bring.

Have a beautiful week and the most amazing Christmas. I’ll see after the big day is done – til then stay happy and festively well!

PS If you decide to gift one of these goodies, I’d love to hear what you choose. Leave me a comment below, or if you’re making one of the DIY recipes, share a snap with me on Insta or Facebook (tag me @begoodorganics #begoodorganics). Also, if you’re not already subscribed to my weekly recipe emails, be sure to do that here, and don’t miss my next recipe video by signing up to my YouTube here.