Whole Grain Rice

Ceres Organics

  • Pick your choice from our delicious range of Certified Organic Brown Rice - short grain, long grain, black, and jasmine. Brown rice isn't milled as much as white, so it retains the bran and germ, making it more nutritious and chewy. It's also a great source of whole food protein (7-8%), and is low GI providing with you with long-lasting sustained energy which can be helpful for assisting with weight management

    Short grain brown rice sticks together when cooked, creating a creamy texture - perfect for puddings, rice balls, croquettes, paella and risottos. Long grain brown rice remains fluffy and separate after cooking, making it a great bed for stir-fries and casseroles, or added to stir-fried rice. Black rice is unmilled, meaning the nutrient-rich black husk has not been removed - the natural colour will thus beautifully dye foods added to it, such as coconut milk. This exotic variety has a rich slightly sweet, strongly nutty flavour, making it perfect for Asian desserts served with fresh fruit like mangoes, lychees, pineapples and bananas. Jasmine brown rice has a unique fragrant aroma and subtle nutty flavour - perfect as a bed below Thai-inspired stir-fries and curries.
  • Use wherever you would normally use white rice. Brown short grain works well for risottos, paellas and sushi; brown long grain is a great general rice to soak up a saucy dish; Jasmine brown is a perfect match for Thai stir-fries and curries; while Black rice is wonderful combined with coconut cream and fresh tropical fruit as a dessert. Rinsing and soaking your rice overnight will reduce cooking time, clean off any residue, and enhance digestibility.

    Once opened, store in a sealed container in a cool, dry place and keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Raw Vegan Vegetarian
    Gluten Free Dairy Free Nut Free
    Sugar Free Soy Free Certified Organic
    Cruelty Free Fair Trade Made in NZ
  • Brown Short Grain Rice*, Brown Long Grain Rice*, Brown Jasmine Rice*, Black Rice*

    *Certified Organic Ingredient
    BioGro Certified Organics New Zealand
    Source: Thailand, South America, USA, India or Indonesia. Packed in New Zealand.
  • "I've completely switched over my rice to brown, and feel all the better for it. I love all the varieties you have too - experimenting lately with Jasmine! Thanks."

    - Grace Loo (Auckland, New Zealand)

    "New black rice convert! First time for me trying black rice and I love it! Cooked with the coconut milk, and sliced banana, then topped with some mango or pineapple, it's absolutely delicious. We've been having it for breakfast AND dessert. Thanks again."

    - Rachel Morton (Whangarei, New Zealand)
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    Nurturing Nut Milk
  • Ceres Organics LogoCeres Organics is a New Zealand company founded in 1982 by Juliet Lamont. They strive to make organic, biodynamic and GE-free food available through sourcing quality products that are sustainably produced by organic or biodynamic methods, thereby creating a distribution chain that is both ecologically and socially responsible. Their status as a founding member of the GE-Free communities and general support of the GE-Free movement attest to their social responsibility.

    Ceres were the first NZ company to become EcoSocial certified - an organic fair trade certification. We are proud to be distributing Ceres Organics' products, from one of NZ's leading organic food distributors.

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