Paleo Mix

Loving Earth

  • This Paleo Mix is the perfect, protein-dense way to start your day! On top of all the goodness supplied by the wholefoods ingredients, all the nuts and seeds in Paleo Mixes have been activated, meaning that your body will be easily able to absorb all the nutrients present. 

  • Use in place of your regular breakfast cereal topped with plant-based milk and fruit. This combo also makes a great morning/afternoon tea or dessert.

    Snack on them by the handful during the day as a trail mix, or sprinkle on top of your favourite smoothie as a crunchy topping. Or try sprinkled on top of sliced banana, coconut ice cream, drizzled with coconut cream, for an delicious healthy banana split.
  • Raw Vegan Vegetarian Paleo
    Gluten Free Dairy Free Sugar Free Soy Free
    Certified Organic Cruelty Free Fair TradeReusable
  • Protein Power: Organic activated sunflower seeds, Organic coconut chips, Organic activated flax seeds, Organic Activated Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Activated Cashews, Organic Raw Cacao Nibs, Organic Activated Brazil Nuts, Organic Activated Almonds, Organic Activated Chia Seeds

    Berry Choc: Organic caramelised coconut chips (Organic Coconut, Organic Coconut Nectar), Organic activated sunflower seeds, Organic Raw Cacao Nibs (10%), Organic Activated Pumpkin Seeds, Organic currants (10%), Organic Activated Cashews, Dark Coconut Mylk Chocolate (7%) (Organic Raw Cacao Nibs, Organic Evaporated Coconut Nectar, Organic Coconut, Organic Virgin Cacao Butter), organic cranberries (5%) (apple juice sweetened), Organic Activated Brazil Nuts

    Australian Certified Organic
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  • Loving EarthWe love Loving Earth! Both their products and the company behind them. Loving Earth are a Melbourne based company dedicated to sourcing and manufacturing the highest quality organic, fairly traded and wild crafted foods available. They work with small producer communities around the world to provide healthy, sustainable and fair ingredients, which they use to handcraft a unique range of raw chocolate bars and superfood snacks.

    Loving Earth endeavours to make their products in a way that honours both the indigenous people that have cultivated the raw materials for thousands of years, and the earth and ecosystems in which they are grown. Their long term vision is to be able to take the manufacturing of the products they develop back to those same indigenous communities.

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