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  • Our range of organic naturopathic teas from Love Chai Love Tea use 100% certified organic ingredients and are hand blended by a family who just love tea. The loose leaf tea range (select above) includes Digestive, Skin Glow, Sleep, Calming Blend, Detox and Immunity.

    - Designed by Love Chai Naturopath Emma Jane, herbs in this blend have traditionally been used to sooth digestion and reduce nausea. Perfect after meals to support optimum digestion. Soothing, comforting and caffeine-free.

    Skin Glow
    - Cleansing calendula has been delicately blended with herbs traditionally used to help detoxify the body and support the skin. This tea simply offers a helping hand to assist the body in eliminating the nasties we come in contact with each day.

    - At the end of a long and stressful day, take time to calm a busy mind, and unwind before bed. Designed by Love chai naturopath Emma Jane, each ingredient has been carefully selected to calm the nervous system & help you drift off into a deep, peaceful and restful sleep. The perfect night cap, a magical lullaby…wishing you the sweetest of dreams.

    Calming Blend
    - Throughout the day, take time to calm a busy mind, and relax. Designed by Love chai naturopath Emma Jane, each ingredient has been carefully selected to calm the nervous system, help you cope with stress & relax into a more peaceful state of well being.

    Detox - What better way to begin a detox than with this gentle cleansing herbal blend. Designed by Love chai Naturopath Emma, herbs in this blend have traditionally been used to help support healthy function of the liver, kidneys, and blood and to cleanse the body of toxins. Cleanse, clear, stimulate and support your body’s natural cleansing power, with Love tea Detox. Cleanse your body and clear your mind…this brew is oh so good for you!

    Immunity - What better way to prevent colds and flu’s and strengthen your immune system than with an organic blend of caffeine free immunity tea. Designed by Love chai naturopath Emma, each ingredient has been carefully selected to help strengthen your immunity, help you cope with stress and keep you fighting fit…
  • Place 2-3tsp of Love Chai Tea into a teapot. Add boiling water and allow to infuse for approximately 3 minutes. Strain the tea into your favourite mug and for an extra kick, try adding freshly sliced ginger.
  • Raw Vegan Vegetarian Paleo
    Gluten Free Dairy Free Sugar Free Soy Free
    Nut FreeCertified Organic Cruelty Free Fair Trade
    Recycled Packaging Biodegradable Recyclable
  • Digestive: Peppermint*, Ginger*, Licorice Root*, Aniseed*, Lemon Balm*, Fennel*, Chamomile*

    Skin Glow: Calendula*, Spearmint*, Echinacea*, Red Clover*, Burdock*

    Sleep: Valerian*, Licorice*, Spearmint*, Chamomile*, Passion flower* & Lavender*

    Calming Blend: Chamomile*, Peppermint*, Lemon balm* & Lavender*

    Detox: Dandelion Root*, Licorice Root*, Burdock*, Ginger*, Nettle & Fennel*

    Immunity: Echinacea*, Rose Hip*, Ginger*, Lemon Balm*, Licorice Root* & Nettle Leaf*

    *Certified Organic Ingredient.

    Australian Certified Organic
  • "I knew I was in for a treat as the tea heated up on the stove. The divine smell that filled the house matched the taste. Such a treat on a cold day mixed with soy and almond milk.. Easily my favourite winter warmer. Yummo!"

    - Tracey Stevens (Melbourne, Australia)

    "I love this Digestive Tea. It has a nice subtle flavour and works wonders on my digestive system!"

    - Darren Larkman (Australia)
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  • Love Chai Love TeaLove Chai Love Tea was founded in 2006 by studying Naturopath Emma Watson, when she was unable to find an organic chai that matched the blends she had made for her friends earlier. Emma shared her vision with good friend Damien Amos and together they further developed the initial inspiration of providing a great tasting chai for the people you love.

    After such great results with the original Love Chai blend, Emma & Amos began experimenting with a wide range of tea, herbs and spices to create a diverse range of exotic chai variations, traditional teas and tasty therapeutic herbal blends. Love Chai Love Tea aim to provide the finest blend of organic and fair-trade ingredients in products that not only taste wonderful but also have therapeutic benefits for the health of you, the drinker, and the planet at large. The Love Chai Love Tea boxes are made from recycled material and printed with vegetable based inks. They are biodegradable and yes…you can throw them straight into the compost!

    Love Chai Love Tea are proud members of 1% for the planet. They donate 1% of profits to environmental organisations who are doing their part to keep the world beautiful.

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