Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ceres Organics

  • Ceres Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil is natural, unrefined and cold-pressed. To preserve its natural aroma, colour, flavour and nutritional value, it has been extracted using a traditional method, without any nasty petrochemical solvents or deodorisation.

    Due to its low maximum heat point, this full-flavoured oil is recommended only for low to medium heat cooking. Its also great to use in dressings, or to drizzle on top of salad on its own.
  • Ideal for gently heated sauces and dressings and is also great for use in salads, medium-heat baking and fresh foods too.
  • VeganVegetarianPaleo
    Dairy FreeSugar FreeSoy Free
    Nut FreeCertified OrganicCruelty Free
  • Non-GMO Extra Virgin Olive Oil*

    *Certified Organic Ingredient
    BioGro Certified Organics New Zealand
  • "My favourite oil for adding that characteristic mediterranean flavour to recipes. I love making salad dressings using half and half of olive oil for flavour, and an omega 3 oil (such as this chia, flaxseed or sacha inchi oil) for their essential fatty acid benefits."

    -Buffy Ellen, founder of begoodorganics.com (Auckland, New Zealand)
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  • Ceres Organics LogoCeres Organics is a New Zealand company founded in 1982 by Juliet Lamont. They strive to make organic, biodynamic and GE-free food available through sourcing quality products that are sustainably produced by organic or biodynamic methods, thereby creating a distribution chain that is both ecologically and socially responsible. Their status as a founding member of the GE-Free communities and general support of the GE-Free movement attest to their social responsibility.

    Ceres were the first NZ company to become EcoSocial certified - an organic fair trade certification. We are proud to be distributing Ceres Organics' products, from one of NZ's leading organic food distributors.

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