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  • If you've been trying to incorporate more probiotics into your diet, these lovely NZ-made kefir drinks are one of our favourite ways to do so. Made simply with fresh coconut water, along with millions of probiotic gut helpers.

    These delicious drinks are entirely unpasteurised and raw, meaning they retain all of the health benefits of the probiotics, from aiding your digestion to helping your gut flora flourish and keeping your immune system strong.

    Available in four flavours: Original, Lime, Pineapple and Watermelon. Only available for NZ delivery. Our favourite flavour is the original for its versatility as both a drink and fermented ingredient, closely followed closely by lime.
  • Simply drink 30 ml (two tablespoons)* each day for a probiotic boost, or experiment with adding a tablespoon to our Cashew Cheese recipe for a delicious fermented flavour. Enjoy cold, straight from the fridge.

    You can also make an easy coconut yogurt alternative with kefir. Simply pop 1 tablespoon of kefir and one tin of high-quality, high-fat coconut cream (I personally use and love this one here) into the blender, process until smooth and pour into a jar. Leave this on the bench for 6-8 hours, checking the taste frequently. Once you're satisfied with the flavour, put in the fridge and consume within 5 days. Once refrigerated it will thicken considerably. 

    As this product is fermented, alive and full of probiotic goodness it's fizziness may overflow when opened. We recommend letting it sit upright in your fridge for at least a few days before opening carefully and enjoying the refreshing deliciousness.

    *If you'd like more detailed information about recommended dosages for our kefir, for adults and children, please contact us here.
  • RawVeganVegetarian Paleo
    Dairy FreeSugar Free Soy FreeCruelty Free
    Made in NZReusableRecyclable
  • Young Coconut Water, Culture
  • This is my favourite coconut kefir. The taste is amazing, and the benefits of taking a small amount of probiotic type foods in your diet are now becoming more well known. Not only to support the digestive system, but more importantly, your overall immune health. I’m a natural flavour lady all the way, and love adding a teaspoon or two to my Cashew Cheese recipe to make a fermented version. It also makes great coconut yoghurt with this coconut cream here

    - Buffy Ellen, founder of (Auckland, New Zealand)

    "This is my number one go-to for my daily dose of probiotics. Since I've started taking this regularly, my skin has never looked better, and I feel more energetic too. I can't recommend it highly enough!"

    - Elise (Auckland, New Zealand)

  • Cashew Nut Cheese
    Coconut, Cashew and Oat Yogurt (Coming soon!)
  • The Kefir Co LogoThe Kefir Company is an all-local, all-natural manufacturer of fresh coconut kefir.  They are committed to using the most natural ingredients possible, which means no preservatives or other nasties- just coconut water and culture in these bottles!

    The founder of the company started commercially producing kefir after she saw the incredible health benefits that it had for her family and has since gone on to share this discovery with people and families all over New Zealand.

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