Most Popular Recipes of 2017

A collection of YOUR top 5 favourite recipes from Be Good Organics in 2017. If you're looking for something to make this week but not quite sure what - these ones are all sure to be winners!
Most Popular Recipes 2017
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Here we are – 29th of December 2017, the year is almost done! Don’t you love this time? That week between Christmas and New Year, when all the busyness of Xmas prep and catch-ups is done, and yet the New Year (when you feel like you should be doing something new) isn’t quite here yet. This space in between, when somehow, it feels like there’s permission to literally do nothing.

I’m doing a fairly good job of this right now, looking out over Palm Beach from our family bach on Waiheke. If you haven’t been here before, it’s definitely one to put on your bucket list. I’ve been sharing a few vids here and there on my Insta stories, so if you’re keen to check out the landscapes, come hang out with me there!

We’re over here for a few weeks, Tony, Mila and I, my two sisters and their partners, and my Mum. Soaking up the sun, heading out for cold salty swims, and eating delicious food together – the best way to do it. I even snuck in a movie last night at the local theatre (thanks brother in law-babysitter) – “Breathe”, a story about a man with polio. It was amazing (I cried non-stop the last 45 minutes), so if you’re in need of a flick over the hols, I highly recommend (take tissues, and ice cream).

A true slice of kiwiana, made with a buttery biscuit base, rich raspberry jam, and delicately crisp coconut meringue topping. This time – healthified. Vegan, wheat free, dairy free + low sugar.

In the meantime, it’s time for our annual tradition of sharing your favourite recipes on the blog from the year that’s been. As always, there were well more than 5 vying for the top spots. But this year you guys were loving a simple set of sweet and savoury classics (lasagne? tick; easy mid-week dinner salads? check), with a dash of decadence (chocolate hazelnut mmm…). All made in our signature, quick and easy plant-based style. From 5 minutes to 45 minutes, 5 ingredients to 15, there’s something in here for everyone!

2017 was a massive year for us – I finished the final year of my Naturopathy and Nutrition degrees (a Bachelor of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine, and a Diploma of Nutrition); we went from a team of 3 to a team of 6 (Elise, Bella, Celina, Olivia, Tone behind the scenes, and me); and we began creating all our recipe videos in house (check out our latest ones here). If you’d like to keep up to date with all the new videos we’re going to be sharing in 2018, I’d love you to check out our YouTube channel, and subscribe for the year ahead here. We’re so excited to be rocking out more vids in the coming months, thanks to your great feedback!

Most of all though, I’d like to thank you for being here. For reading my posts, liking our recipes on Facebook and Insta, pinning them to your Pinterest boards, watching our vids, and trying out a new way of cooking in your own home. I know it might be scary, this plant-based thang, but I truly believe we’re on the edge of a wave that’s getting bigger and bigger each day. Every new plant-based meal you choose to make, is one step closer towards a healthier planet, healthier communities, healthier families, and a healthier you. Keep sharing your recipe recreations on my Facebook and Instagram too – it’s the absolute best seeing the successes you’re having in your home kitchen – I LOVE it!

Righty ho, that’s it from me, signing off for now. Sending you lots of love from the sunny isle of Waihesia, and may you enjoy this serene space in between. Next week I’ll be chatting about some isexciting new things for 2018 – we’ve got big plans, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Til next week, stay happy and well.

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A true slice of kiwiana, made with a buttery biscuit base, rich raspberry jam, and delicately crisp coconut meringue topping. This time – healthified. Vegan, wheat free, dairy free + low sugar.

Next-Level Louise Slice

In the number one slot, this true slice of kiwiana. A buttery shortcake biscuit base, rich raspberry jam, and luscious coconut topping. Once the hallmark of every good old-fashioned New Zealand cafe, in 2017 we brought her back, health and plantified!

Here’s what you guys had to say..

  • “Made this and omg my kiddies loved it and ate the whole thing.” ~ Reuben
  • “Thx for this recipe!! I am pretty chuffed with my efforts….! I also love lots of other of your recipes Buffy, thx for sharing them. ~ Adele
  • This is so delicious. My dad takes a few home from my freezer every time he comes over haha they’re his special treat at night with his tea!” ~ Stephanie
  • “Thank you so much for sharing Buffy 💗 everyone needs to try your recipe, it’s amazing!” ~ Ally
  • “I made it this afternoon and it was delish! 😋 Mine wasn’t as pretty as yours though 🙈” ~ Joanna
  • “Made this yesterday, it is soo delicious! Will have to make it again for a shared lunch! 😍” ~ EB Kriechbaum
  • “I have made the original many times. Your version wins 🙂 Vegan raw treats are just so much lighter, tastier and more satisfying.” ~ Tania
  • “It was my brother’s birthday yesterday 🎉 so I made him a raw vegan cake, using your Louise Slice recipe! I have made the slice before and he loved it, so I decided to turn it into a cake! 😊It turned out so well, I love this recipe so much!” ~ Caitlin
  • “In New Zealand 🇳🇿, these little pieces of heaven are known as Louise Bars- the most delicious raw raspberry coconut bars. I followed @begoodorganics‘ recipe and they will be sure to help get me through this week!” ~ Kate
  • “Next Level Louise Slice with mixed berries rather than raspberries!!! Delish thanks #begoodorganics.” ~ Denise

Get my Next-Level Louise Slice recipe here.

With the days getting colder and shorter, it's time to bring out the roast veg! This wonderful winter salad is spiked with the warming flavours of turmeric, cumin & smoked paprika. Healthy, vegan, plant-based, dairy and gluten free.

Spiced Pumpkin and Chickpea Salad

As we moved into winter this year, with the days colder and shorter, it was time to bring out the roast veg! This wonderful wintery salad is spiked with the warming flavours of turmeric, cumin & smoked paprika, and plenty of soothing roast vege. Here’s what you guys thought!

  • “OMG Buffy, just made this for dinner and it is soooooo good!!!!” ~ Charlotte
  • “You are a genius Buffy! Just made this salad for dinner and it is amazing!!!” ~ Srey
  • “This is absolutely delicious. Just love the aioli dressing.” ~ Cynthia
  • “I was a bit nervous about the spice combination when I made this, but lordy it’s a fantastic tasting dish!!! Just about to make it for a second time. Great cold the next day for lunch. Thanks Buffy!” ~ Helen
  • “Just made this for our dinner tonight. It was delicious!! Thank you so much for this, I’m sure we will become one of our favourite Sunday night meals :)” ~ Ingrid
  • “Just made this for dinner. Soooooooooo yummy!!!! Thank you. Love your recipes!” ~ Deanne
  • “Yum made a variation inspired by this for lunch! Easy and delicious!” ~ Sashakti
  • “Was so good!!” ~ Louise

Get my Spiced Pumpkin and Chickpea Salad recipe here.

Nutella Tart

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably have been a fellow childhood lover of Nutella. This tart then is for you! Chocolate, hazelnuts, all bound together in a rich creamy filling – made with a secret vegetable in the midst. Here are a few things you guys had to say about it!

  • “Oh my @begoodorganics this was a show stopper! A base of hazelnuts, almonds, cacao…and filled with a creamy combination of more cacao, avocado, hazelnut butter (I used cashew)… for an unbelievable desert.” ~ Laura
  • “Finally made the DELICIOUS @begoodorganics Nutella tart with @nzally – even better to celebrate daylight savings, sharing it in the garden with family.” ~ Hannah
  • “Hello Buffy. Love your recipes 🙂 made this delicious little treat with my good friend #leezeier. We substituted hazelnuts for brazil nuts. Turned out really well.” ~ Becs
  • “I made this last week and was a hit with the family. I will definitely making this again it was amazing.” ~ Sharon
  • Made this yesterday! Raw Nutella slice!! So delicious😋 thanks #begoodorganics!” ~ Alice

Try out my Nutella Tart here.

All-In Veggie Lasagne

Mid-week dinner issues? This easy make-ahead lasagne is for you! Fully vegan, no dairy or meat needed, and it’s perfect for using up whatever vege you’ve got in the fridge – winter, summer, anytime of year. Get it ALL-IN there! Here’s what you guys thought…

  • “I made your lasagna recipe and it is the best! It is my go-to lasagna now. Thank you!” ~ Erin
  • “This amazing lasagne is The One…It was perfect and this is my go to recipe.” ~ Stephanie

Try my Veggie Lasagne recipe here.

Healthy Russian Fudge

Healthy Russian Fudge in just 5 ingredients, no blender required? These little morsels are melt in your mouth good. If you loved fudge as a kid but haven’t indulged for a while, this is your chance to rekindle that romance!

Here’s what you guys said…

  • “Today I made Healthy Russian Fudge! The recipe from @begoodorganics was very easy and simple to follow. Best of all its very allergy friendly, free from the top 8 allergens and refined sugar free! 😍” ~ Lex
  • “Yummy Russian Fudge💫 on point!” ~ Shanan
  • “Hands down the best fudge I’ve ever tried!” ~ Zoe
  • “I made this yesterday and it was a hit with the husband!” ~ Cindy
  • “I made these Friday night (all tahini) and then again on Saturday night (half tahini/half peanut butter) and both versions were gone within 24 hours (is it still considered healthy when you eat half the batch yourself? 😬) Love it.” ~ Cindy
  • “Sunday baking. Healthy Russian fudge. Recipe from Buffy at @begoodorganics. Can hardly call this 5-min-one-bowl-wonder baking actually, it’s so easy.” ~ Ashton
  • “Thank you for another great recipe that satisfies my sweet tooth, but comes off being a little bit healthy!” ~ Janet
  • “Love this recipe, it’s my husband’s favourite!!” ~ Amy
  • “Made this and absolutely love it.” ~ Lee
  • “It’s sooo good! And super easy and quick to make!!” ~ Brooke

Try my Russian Fudge here.

Which one are you going to make first? Let me know! x B