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"You're having a summer baby? Oh you're going to be so hot!". Must literally be the most common thing people have said to me since being pregnant. Well up until about two weeks ago I was absolutely fine, but these last few weeks I've definitely been feeling the burn! I think everyone's probably been heating up though (in New Zealand and Australia that is), with temperatures here in Auckland regularly reaching the high 20's with lots of humidity.

Whilst I've only got one more week of extra thermostatic heating to go, I thought what better a time to share with you a delicious dairy-free ice cream recipe for these hot summer days. Northern hemisphere friends hold tight, I know it's bristling with snow right now and ice cream is probably the last thing on your mind, but trust me book mark this one for July you will love it!

7-Ingredient deliciously creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream #healthy #vegan #vanilla #icecream #recipe #dairyfree #sugarfree #glutenfree #begoodorganics

The Dark Side of Dairy

When people start to transition to a more plant-based diet, I find the hardest thing they struggle with is coming off dairy and finding an equally delicious replacement. When you grow up in New Zealand, and even other agricultural countries like Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the US, dairy is a part of almost every meal. Milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese or eggs for breakfast; cheese, feta or butter with lunch; cheese or eggs mixed into dinner; and ice-cream or yoghurt for dessert. Furthermore it's near impossible to bypass dairy if you're eating out, as it's added in one form of another in almost everything (especially baked goods darn it!).

This poses an issue for us who are trying to reduce dairy either from an ethical perspective (read my previous post on that here), or for health reasons. There are increasing numbers of people who are lactose intolerant, especially those from eastern cultures who've never eaten dairy at such a pace before. Dairy has also been scientifically shown to be linked to a number of respiratory and skin conditions such as Asthma, Psoriasis and Eczema. I've personally seen more than handful of success stories of people who have reduced their dairy consumption and healed these conditions as a result (including my partner - the change was truly amazing!). Additionally, the consumption of dairy and its protein (casein) has been linked to the onset and hastening of numerous cancers (for example have a read here of The China Study and Whole to learn more).

7-Ingredient deliciously creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream #healthy #vegan #vanilla #icecream #recipe #dairyfree #sugarfree #glutenfree #begoodorganics

Fear not dear friend, this ice cream recipe will show you that dairy-free need not be flavour and amazingness free! This ice cream uses a base of cashews and coconut milk, with the addition of real organic fair trade vanilla beans to amplify the flavour. I've always been a fan of simple ice cream flavours, and after you try this I think you'll agree! The other great thing is this recipe will become your go-to ice cream base, and you can add whatever else you like to it. Here are some of my favourite add-in or sprinkled-on combos:

  • Raisins or sultanas (and a dash of rum if you're so inclined)
  • Sliced banana and desiccated coconut
  • Chopped macadamias and goji berries
  • Roasted hazelnuts and raw cacao powder
  • Fresh or frozen berries - blended in, swirled through, or sprinkled on top
  • Stewed plums (or other fruit)
  • Broken up homemade cookies (these oat cookies are a favourite of mine with a handful of raisins, or any other cookie you have lying around)
  • Simply serve straight up on a warm apple or other fruit crumble

7-Ingredient deliciously creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream #healthy #vegan #vanilla #icecream #recipe #dairyfree #sugarfree #glutenfree #begoodorganics
7-Ingredient deliciously creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream #healthy #vegan #vanilla #icecream #recipe #dairyfree #sugarfree #glutenfree #begoodorganics

Before I leave you with this amazing recipe, here a few of my other favourite dairy-free pantry staple recipes too - all are absolutely delicious, super simple to make, and great to have stored in your fridge. I have at least one of these guys stashed in the door of my fridge at all times, meaning a simple vege fritter, bowl of fruit or plate of pasta can be transformed into a gourmet masterpiece in seconds.

Would love to see your delicious bowls of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream goodness over on Instagram, so tag your shots @begoodorganics and #begoodorganics - I'll be sharing the best images on my IG and Facebook pages. I'm hoping to keep up my weekly blog over the next few weeks, but am due this coming Thursday (yes that's me above at 39 weeks), so if for some reason you don't hear from me you know where I'll be! Have a beautiful weekend, and look forward to talking again soon.

x Buffy-Ellen

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Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


7-Ingredient deliciously creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream #healthy #vegan #vanilla #icecream #recipe #dairyfree #sugarfree #glutenfree #begoodorganics

VeganVegetarianPaleoDairy FreeGluten FreeWheat FreeSugar FreeSoy FreeContains Organic IngredientsCruelty Free

Makes 700ml of ice cream

Make with

Remember all of the blue linked items below can be ordered directly from our online store, simply click each link then add that item to your cart

Always use certified organic, local and fairly traded ingredients wherever possible

1c cashews (soaked 3 hours, rinsed and drained)
400ml coconut milk/cream*
2 vanilla beans (scraped) OR 1 tsp vanilla powder
4 tbsp virgin coconut oil (softened)
3 tbsp coconut nectar
1/4 tsp guar gum / lecithin**
pinch sea salt

*I use Trade Aid's organic fair trade coconut milk in all my recipes. Unlike some coconut milks/creams which separate, this one has a beautiful thick even consistency. It's called "coconut milk" but is much more like a coconut cream. You can order it here.

**Guar Gum is a plant-based thickener derived from "Guar" beans, but in small quantities can also prevent ice crystals which cause ice cream to harden into icicles. It helps the water molecules bind to the fat molecules giving you a creamy result. It's only a tiny amount but you definitely get a much smoother authentic ice cream when you include it! Lecithin does a similar thing.

c = 250ml cup, tbsp = 15ml tablespoon, tsp = 5ml teaspoon

How to
  1. Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender until super smooth, scraping down the sides in between as needed. You should have absolutely no cashew bits left, it should feel like a silky cream.
  2. Pour into a large ice cube tray, or a tray lined with baking paper and freeze overnight.
  3. In the morning, turn out your ice cubes, or your ice cream block and slice into fingers, then add them to your food processor. You may want to wait 5 -10 minutes here for the cubes/slices to soften ever so slightly. Now pulse and then blend on low to medium (not high) until you have a smooth creamy ice cream. This is what gives the ice cream it's light fluffy texture, by adding air particles. Pour back into your tray (unlined) and put in the freezer again for a few hours or overnight.
  4. To serve, bring the ice cream out for 5-10 minutes or so before scooping.
7-Ingredient deliciously creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream #healthy #vegan #vanilla #icecream #recipe #dairyfree #sugarfree #glutenfree #begoodorganics

Herbs and Natural Supplements - An Evidence-Based Guide (Braun, L., & Cohen, M.)
The Food Pharmacy (Carper, J.)
Healing With Wholefoods (Pitchford, P.)
The China Study (Campbell, T.C.)

Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition (Campbell, T.C.)

Buffy Ellen
Buffy Ellen


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