5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

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BioBalance Lipsomal Vitamin C
1. BioBalance's Vitamin C
Autumn is on its way and I’ve certainly been noticing a few more drizzly noses at Mila’s preschool as of late so it's time to prep up the immune system! We consume a lot of wholefood vitamin C already, but when you’re faced with constant immune threats (i.e. Tony in an office environment), having an extra boost goes a long way. The liposomal delivery system in this vit C liquid from BioBalance means that, unlike standard tablets, the vitamins are encapsulated within fat spheres, enabling better absorption across the intestinal barrier. Mila’s pretty happy with it too – she calls it her evening ‘lolly’! 
Chantal Organics Whole Peanut Butter
2. Chantal Organics' Whole Peanut Butter
We go through peanut butter in our house in droves. Seriously, I’m not sure where it all goes, but I certainly have a lot of storage jars in the cupboard as a result! As a result, I have tried every brand on the market, and Chantal’s Whole Peanut Butter is hands down theeee best. Not many PB’s roast with their skins on, but it imparts the most gorgeous nutty and earthy flavour. I freaked out a few months back when Mila started asking for ‘butter, butter’ on her toast, then realised she was meaning peanut butter! When it's this good for her, I'm happy to spread it on thick and fast. No additives or fillers, just 100% certified organic peanuts and sea salt. 
Shakti Mat New Zealand

 3. Shakti Mats
If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll already know about my love for the Shakti. At first I was sceptical (not one for gimmicky products!), but the guys from Shakti managed to get one in my mailbox a while ago, and now it's an official part of my nightly routine. There’s legit science behind it too – using acupressure and acupuncture to stimulate the nervous system, it provides invigoration or relaxation depending on the length of time that you lie on it. If you have trouble sleeping, relaxing, or waking up energized in the morning, you might find that you love it too!
Lodge Cast Iron Cookware
I’d read about cast iron cookware before, but never quite realised the benefits until I got sent this gorgeous pan from Lodge a few months back. It’s now officially my go-to cooking utensil, and I’m half wishing I’d never bought the 5 other pots and pans in our drawers since this is now the only thing I use! It remains at an amazingly even level of heat during cooking, so no more burnt bits in the middle. Plus, to clean it’s a simple rinse and scrub with water, dry, then oil up ready for next time. I’ve actually been leaving mine on the hob (it looks rather rustic), so next time I go to cook, simply turn on the element and throw the food in – no re-oiling needed! I’m now eying up their mini pan for my nuts, seeds and cacao butter melting, and their deeper pan for my larger batch-cooking recipes…

GLO Cookbook
I absolutely love new cookbooks. Anyone who knows me knows that my ultimate b-day present is either (a) a ticket to a show, or (b) a new cookbook. I’ve been devouring cookbooks in my spare time since as long as I can remember (Edmonds was the first!) and, whilst my collection isn’t large, I like to think that it’s perfectly formed; each and every book has been carefully considered, read from back to front, and loved deeply. So I was beyond stoked to get a copy of my friend Sarah Tanner's latest masterpiece, with some of her favourite creations. Sarah’s philosophy is 100% in line with mine – creating amazingly tasting food that’s good for your health, animals, and our planet. She owns a fab café here in Auckland too (you must try it out!), but if you can't get there, her cookbook is a great place to start!

Buffy Ellen
Buffy Ellen


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