Annmarie Gianni

  • Annmarie Gianni's serums help to regenerate, repair and brighten skin, while preventing and reversing signs of aging.

    The anti-aging serum increases skin moisture by inhibiting hyalurondase, a compoud which is destructive to skin's natural moisturizer - hyaluronic acid. It boost Collagen III, a type of collagen abundant in young skin. It also help soothe irritated skin. Key ingredients include: Life Everlasting, a sunflower grown in the Mediterranean which helps prolong and regenerate skin cells; Echinacea, with its immune boosting properties and firming effect on the skin; Sunflower Seed Extract, adding UV protection as well as essential fatty acids; and Flaxseed, which is high in lignans that support cell generation and is calming to the skin.

    The repair serum helps fade discolorations and even skin tone. It uses vegan stem cells derived from oranges to help your skin build collagen, repair itself and prevent aging. This active blend of stem cells along with Superoxide dismutase (SOD) - a powerful antioxidant - will make a noticeable difference in aging skin when used continuously over the course of 30-40 days. The repair serum is high in Vitamin C and has essential oils of Lavender and Sandalwood, which are skin-lightening and balancing.

    For a potent antioxidant boost, pair these beautiful Serums with Annmarie Gianni’s gorgeously therapeutic and active Herbal Facial Oils here.

    Also available in our Annmarie Gianni skincare sets (full size) see here.
  • Apply liberally to clean skin, especially over fine lines, sun spots and age spots. We recommend using the serum every day for a month or two to allow time for your skin cells to begin the regeneration process. After you can use everyday or 3-4 times a week depending on your needs.

    Use after cleansing with your favourite Annmarie Gianni Facial Cleanser, then follow with spritzes of Toning Mist, and your choice of Herbal Facial Oil.
  • Raw Vegan Vegetarian
    Gluten FreeContains Organic IngredientsCruelty Free
    Fair TradeHandmadeReusable
  • Anti-Aging: Aloe Vera Juice Infused with Herbs (Gotu Kola Leaves*, Gingko Leaves*, Rosemary Leaves*, Calendula Flowers*, Comfrey Leaves*, Fennel Seed*, Rhodiola Root*, Helichrysum Flowers*, Milk Thistle Seed*, Plantago Leaves*, Rooibos*, Shavegrass*, Nettle Leaves*, Amla Berry*, Seabucktornberry*, Schisandra Berry*), Aloe Vera Juice*, Chondrus Crispus, Squalane*, Xanthan Gum, Rose Distillate*, Edelweiss Extract*, Buddleja Davidii Extract*, Sunflower Seed Extract*, Aspen Bark Extract, Red Raspberry Seed Extract*, Flax Seed Extract*, Chia Seed Oil*, Rose Hip Seed Extract*, Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C Buffering Agent), Vitamin E (Non-GMO), Rose Absolute*, Vetiver Oil, Tamanu Oil*, Hyaluronic Acid, Frankincense Oil, Sweet Myrrh Oil*, Rosemary Extract*.

    Repair: Aloe Vera Juice*, Gum Blend (Water, Chondrus Crispus*, Plant Sugars, Non-GMO Xanthan Gum), Citrus-Derived Stem Cells, Water/Glycerin Extract Blend (Uva Ursi*, Licorice Root*, Amla Berry*), Jojoba Oil*, Castor Oil*, Helichrysum Extract*, Seabuckthornberry Extract*, Vegetable Glycerin*, Aspen Bark Extract*, Rosehip Seed Extract*, Rosehip Extract*, Lavender Oil*, Sandalwood Oil*, Superoxide Dismutase, Hyaluronic Acid, Non-GMO Xanthan Gum, Rosemary Extract*.

    *Certified Organic or Wild-Crafted Ingredient
  • "The anti-aging serum is one of the most luxurious facial products I've ever used. It has sort of a mattifying effect which is nice for under makeup, shrinks pores, naturally firms and tightens fine lines, and helps to even out skin tone. The best part is that I only use the slightest amount!"

    - Danielle Messina (Natural Beauty Expert and Founder of The Glamorganic Goddess)

    "I decided to try the Repair Serum thinking it would be good but nothing over the top. I'm truly surprised! It really does repair. My skin looks so much softer, and nicer. Over Mother's Day weekend I was mistaken for my adult daughter's sister. I'll take that! It's all I use now as my daily moisturiser. Well done!"

    - Scarlett (United States)
  • Annmarie GianniAnnmarie Gianni is an organic skin care line using 100% raw, natural, certified organic, and wild-crafted ingredients. As well as being completely chemical free, the range incorporates the secrets of aromatherapy, utilising the natural healing power of herbs and oils. Annmarie's products are housed in a special form of glass called MIRON Violet-Glass, which protects the product from light damage and oxidation, allows it a longer shelf life, and provides a more potent blend of ingredients.

    The Annmarie Gianni team are also passionate about reducing their impact on the environment. They like to empower their customers and communities by providing honest information on organics, wild-crafting, labeling and transparency. They also support a number of community projects including Label GMOs, The Gerson Institute, and Ayni GLOBAL. We are so proud to be distributing and retailing this range in Australia, NZ and beyond.

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