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Annmarie Gianni

  • Annmarie Gianni's beautiful facial cleansers use certified organic herbs, plants, oils, and natural extracts, to gently cleanse and remove dirt, oils, dead skin and make-up without harsh detergents or chemicals, leaving your skin silky-soft and clean. I love the Aloe-Herb for a soothing morning cleanse, and the Citrus Mint in the evening to effectively yet gently remove make-up and environmental toxins.

    The Aloe-Herb Cleanser is a gentle, light, and cleansing blend of healing herbs and plants, perfect for sensitive or dryer skins. Non-foaming and perfectly pH balanced, to enhance your skins natural acid mantle and protect its moisture barrier. Aloe vera soothes the skin, while the unique blend of oils and extracts contains essential fatty acids, similar to those produced by your skin. It's also rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E to help prevent and repair free radical damage and ageing. Now available in a larger 100ml bottle.

    The Citrus Mint Cleanser is formulated especially for oily and acne prone skin to help maintain a healthy pH and protect your skin's acid mantle barrier. The potent blend of supportive nutrients and skin cleansing ingredients helps unclog pores that can lead to acne and blemishes. It is also perfect for cleansing deeply and removing makeup at the end of the day.

    Follow this cleanser Annmarie's antioxidant rich Serums for a brightening boost here.

    Also available in our Annmarie Gianni skincare sets (full size) see here.
  • Use as your regular cleanser morning and night. Apply to damp skin, massage into your face and neck then rinse. I love the Aloe-Herb for a soothing morning cleanse, and the Citrus Mint in the evening to effectively yet gently remove make-up and environmental toxins.

    Use in combination with your favourite Annmarie Gianni facial scrub for an exfoliation wash. Follow with Annmarie's refreshing Toning Mist, then your choice of Herbal Facial Oil for silky-soft delicious smelling skin.
  • Raw Vegan Vegetarian
    Gluten FreeContains Organic IngredientsCruelty Free
    Fair TradeHandmadeReusable
  • Aloe-Herb: Love, Aloe Vera Juice infused with Herbs* (Lavender Flowers*, Calendula Flowers*, Helichrysum Flowers*, Lemon Balm Leaves*, Neem Leaves*, Olive Leaves*, Hyssop Leaves*), Saponified Oils (Coconut Oil*, Coconut/Palm Oil and Plant Starches/Sugars),Vegetable Glycerin*, Aspen Bark Extract, Ruby Grapefruit oil*, Lemon Oil*, Green Mandarin Oil, non-GMO Xanthan Gum, Rosemary Extract*.

    Citrus Mint: Love, Aloe Vera* infused with Organic Herbs* (Lavender Flowers*, Lemon Balm Leaves*, Neem Leaves*, Rosemary Leaves*, Echinacea Flowers*, Life Everlasting Flowers*, Calendula Flowers*, Comfrey Leaves*, Plantago Leaves*), Saponified Oils (Coconut Oil*, Coconut/Palm Oil and Plant Starches/Sugars), Vegetable Glycerine*, White Hazel Distillate, Aspen Bark Extract, Non-GMO Xanthan Gum, Lemon Oil*, Rosemary Oil*, Lemon Myrtle Oil*, Peppermint Oil*, Rosemary Extract*.

    *Certified Organic Ingredient
  • "I love the Aloe-Herb Cleanser. It leaves my skin fresh, clean and hydrated. Plus it smells like heaven in the springtime"

    - Kris Carr (New York Times Best Selling Author and Wellness Activist)

    "Absolutely LOVE the Citrus Mint Cleanser. I'm a 19 year old girl who suffers from acne. At any given moment I have at least three acne marks on my face. I've tried numerous products such both prescribed and over-the-counter, but they have never seemed to actually work long term. At first I was hesitant of this product because of the price, but I do not regret my purchase in the slightest. I've been using it for only five days, but I can actually see the difference! My skin is much smoother, less oily and my acne has began to dry itself up. I'm so pleased with Annmarie Gianni products! They have earned themselves a forever returning costumer :)"

    - Erica (Massachusetts, United States)

    "I love my Aloe Herb cleanser! Thank you also for your amazing blog post about having Graves and investigating the craziness around beauty product ingredients. Thank you for stocking products that seem trustworthy and empowering us all by sharing your knowledge and research."

    - Hannah Sutherland (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Annmarie GianniAnnmarie Gianni is an organic skin care line using 100% raw, natural, certified organic, and wild-crafted ingredients. As well as being completely chemical free, the range incorporates the secrets of aromatherapy, utilising the natural healing power of herbs and oils. Annmarie's products are housed in a special form of glass called MIRON Violet-Glass, which protects the product from light damage and oxidation, allows it a longer shelf life, and provides a more potent blend of ingredients.

    The Annmarie Gianni team are also passionate about reducing their impact on the environment. They like to empower their customers and communities by providing honest information on organics, wild-crafting, labeling and transparency. They also support a number of community projects including Label GMOs, The Gerson Institute, and Ayni GLOBAL. We are so proud to be distributing and retailing this range in Australia, NZ and beyond.

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